Welcome to my portfolio on the internet. Here you can view images of my design work for theater,
dance, and corporate events. I am currently based in Southern California. Feel free to contact me.
As you browse through the images here you can click on them for a larger view.

"The creative approach to stage lighting - the art, in other words, of knowing where to put light on the stage and where to take it away-is not a matter of textbooks or precepts. There are no arbitrary rules. There is only a goal and a promise. We have the mechanism with which to create this ideal, exalted, dramatic light in the theater. Whether we can do so or not is a matter of temperament as well as of technique. The secret lies in our perception of light in the theater as something alive.

Does this mean that we are to carry images of poetry and vision and high passion in our minds while we are shouting out orders to electricians on ladders in light-rehearsals?

Yes. This is what this means."
Robert Edmond Jones

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