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This page showcases my use of the computer to create images by building them in a three dimensional environment. The images you see here were created using 3D Studio Max with some assistance from programs such as Rhinoceros, Poser and Vectorworks. Most of these designs are hypothetical so there are no photos of the actual production to go with them. Click on an image to see it larger or click on "More Images" for additional renderings and details.
This rendering is of lighting for a corporate theater event. Unrealized.
This image is called LUNA. This started out just as an exercise in creating textures and irregular shapes in 3D Studio. In the process I came up with the idea that the scene was of a mythological goddess who supports the moon on her back; similar to the Greek god Atlas.

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This is a rendering I did for InVision Communications. Their client, The Industry Standard, is doing a corporate retreat designed for senior Internet strategists.

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This is one of several renderings of a design I did for Wagner's Das Rheingold. My concept for this design has the Opera set in outer space.

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This is part of a lighting storyboard for Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

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My largest 3D modeling project to date is Tracers. It is a play about surviving the Vietnam War. Its is also my first set design project for an arena style theater.

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This image is a set design for Berthold Brecht's play Galileo. The set is a large dome with a 17th century painting called "The Christianized Heavens" on the inside. Through holes in the dome we can see Jupiter and the Moon; objects Galileo observed in his telescope.
GULLS LIVE! The Gulls are San Diego's professional hockey team. This rendering is my idea of what the set for a post game television show might look like. Along the back wall you can see the logos for all the teams in the West Coast Hockey League. The item on the shelf is the Taylor Cup. The Gulls have won the league championship four times!
This is a set design for Velina Houston's play Tea. The play takes place both in an abstract netherworld and a Japanese tatami room.

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This is the set for act one of Caryl Churchill's play Cloud Nine. The play contrasts changing climates of sexual expression, explores the roles of men and women, and examines what constitutes a marriage and a family.

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